Mission Trips


After a Covid hiatus, we are slowing resuming mission trips.

Volunteers in Mission – Calvary is closely associated with the Susquehanna Conference’s Volunteers in Mission, or VIM, which coordinates a variety of mission opportunities for volunteers to serve God.  VIM work has become a way of life for many who find deep spiritual growth through serving the Lord and meeting new friends in Christ.  The length of each trip is based on the destination – some are one day, some are a weekend, some can be one or two weeks.  VIM has sponsored both domestic and global mission trips as well as more local work camp opportunities.

Each year Calvary members and friends are provided opportunity for service beyond our local community.  As you review this list, please consider participating and sharing your gifts as we bring hope to others while growing closer to Christ and other members of our congregation. No matter what your gifts, there is a place for you to serve.  Calvary Mission Committee supports 1/3 of the mission cost for our members as we send “short-term Missionaries” from Calvary. 

JUNE 2022 – There will be a mission trip to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky. Dyan Yingst will be leading. Please contact the church office for more information.