Mission Trips



Volunteers in Mission – Calvary is closely associated with the Susquehanna Conference's Volunteers in Mission, or VIM, which coordinates a variety of mission opportunities for volunteers to serve God.  VIM work has become a way of life for many who find deep spiritual growth through serving the Lord and meeting new friends in Christ.  These trips will usually be led by Calvary's Pastor Jeff Fisher or someone Jeff has trained. The length of each trip is based on the destination – some are one day, some are a weekend, some can be one or two weeks.  VIM has sponsored both domestic and global mission trips as well as more local work camp opportunities.

Each year Calvary members and friends are provided opportunity for service beyond our local community.  As you review this list, please consider participating and sharing your gifts as we bring hope to others while growing closer to Christ and other members of our congregation. No matter what your gifts, there is a place for you to serve.  Calvary Mission Committee supports 1/3 of the mission cost for our members as we send “short-term Missionaries” from Calvary.  All checks should be made payable to “Calvary UMC,” you may give to the attention of Pastor Jeff who will provide you with an application to complete.


Wesley Forest Church Camp ~Sunday & Monday, May 19-20, 2019

(Free Meals and Lodging) Spring Clean 11 summer cabins and shower house.

Leader: Pastor Jeff


Red Bird Mission ~ Sunday – Saturday, June 2 – 8, 2019

Travel to work on homes in Beverly, Kentucky. 

Leader:  Dyan Yingst

Cost:  $500 (Members: $333)

Member Payments:   April 1:  $200 May 1:  $133

Non-Member Payments:  Payments: April 1: $250, May 1: $250 


Allport-Bigler-Woodland ~ Sunday, June 16- Friday, June 21, 2019

The 8th Annual mission to assist elderly and low- income families with home repairs.  (Cost:  $50 week for those lodging or $10 per day.)

Member Payments: April 1: $33

Non-Member Payments:  $50


Onondaga Native American Camp  ~ Sunday, July 7 – Friday, July 12, 2019

Repairing homes on the Onondaga Nation Cost: $225 (Members: $150)

Leader:  John Shepler

Member Payments:  April 1: $100, May 1:  $50

Non-Member Payments:  April 1: $125, May 1:  $100


Shiprock, New Mexico ~ Four Corners Native American Ministry (Navajo Nation)

Thursday, October 3 – Sunday, October 13, 2019

Home Repairs, Cost:  $1,600.  (Members: $1,067)

Leader:  Pastor Jeff

Member Payments: April 1: $400, May 1: $400, June 1: $267

Non-Member Payments: April 1: $600, May 1: $500, June 1: $500


 Mercedes, Uruguay –  October, 2019 (DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Leader: Pastor Bob

Renovate Church and Parsonage, Cost:  $2,500 (Members $1,667)

Member Payments:  April $500 May $400 June $400 July $367

Non-Member Payments:  April $700 May $600 June $600 July $600


Note:  If interested in any of the projects, please contact Pastor Jeff, you may call the office at (717)545-0021 or email:  missions@calvaryunitedmethodist.org