Lenten Devotionals Needed



You are invited to submit a writing or photo for our 2021 Lenten Devotional.  The theme is:  Finding God in Everyday Life.  2020 proved to be a year like no other.  There were times of darkness and despair.  However most certainly also God Moments.  God Moments are those times when you saw God in yourself or others or maybe felt His love and presence when you most needed it.  Your writings may be any length at your discretion.  Writings that are longer will be shared over multiple consecutive days.  Photos may include a prayer or scripture. 

Please call Kelley Price at 717-545-0021 or email office@calvaryunitedmethodist.org to let her know you are willing to participate. 

Your Devotional needs to be submitted via email (preferably) no later than January 31st.  You may contact Kelley in the church office with any questions.