Sunday School Youth

Sunday School 2016-17 (2)


Teachers—Yvette Keefer, Alton Whittle, Deanna Williams
Room 107

Students in grades 7 or older who desire to pursue becoming confirmed members of the church will study the history of the church, the Christian calendar, sacraments, government of the church, decision-making, church symbolism, creeds and more as they are in service to the church. 


8th—12th Grades
Teachers—Diane Baker, Sheri Norris, Steve & Sara Stutzman
Room 106

Food, fun, fellowship and friendships are just some of the reasons youth gather together each Sunday morning.  What motivates you to be part of this group?  This year we will get into the Groove study series.  Our time together will equip you with the essentials of faith and how it fits into your own story.  We’ll also explore how to go into the world and serve Jesus.  Our year will conclude with planning the Youth Sunday Worship Service.  Challenge yourself to get out of bed, get a ride to church and join the class for discussion on timely topics with an emphasis on the solid rock of our faith.


Youth Small Groups
Small Group Leaders—Judy Franklin, Bill McIntosh, Tim Miller, Diane Pattison
Guys:  Room 106
Gals:  The Chapel

Guys and Gals will meet on the first Sunday of November—April.  It will be a time of talking, learning, and growing with friends.  Sharing of what’s going on in your life will be an integral part of the discussion.  Join us as we develop better connections with each other and with Christ.


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