Sunday School Adults


Faith Weaver—This class is designed for parents of children enrolled in the Celebrate Wonder  Sunday School classes.  We often explore similar topics to parallel the children’s lessons.  We would love to have you join us and become equipped to spiritually weave key points of faith into your family’s week as well as through a lifetime of parenting.  Class Coordinators:  Mandi Klinger and Ron Hoffler

Joy in Christ—The Joy in Christ, a Bible-based study class, focuses on studies of books of the Bible ( Matthew, John, Isaiah, James, etc.), men and women of the Bible (Mary, John, Peter, Moses, Paul, etc.), and seasons of the church year (Lent, Advent).  Using DVD’s and group and small group discussions, the class tries to discern God’s message for Biblical times as well as the relevance and teachings for individuals in today’s world.  The Sunday School year will begin with lessons on themes of the Bible (i.e. hope, love, patience, confession, etc.) as discussion starters.  New members are welcome to join the class. Class Leaders: Linda Hoffman, Dale Miller, Mike Stephens, Dyan Yingst

The Wired Word—Examine The News using The Bible—Are you looking for a scripture-based Sunday school class? Join us on Sunday mornings as we discuss the important matters of faith raised by the news of the week. We examine the news using the scripture; applying it to our daily lives. Along with thought-provoking questions to challenge how we should look at the headlines and our place in the world. Each Sunday is a new topic from the news headlines.  Class Leaders: John Coulson, Rich Krampe, Mary Alice Dumbauld, Charles Sproule, Harold McNaughton

Search Class—We are the first and only class that continued through COVID by using ZOOM. We are currently reading and finishing up The Invitation by Oriah. Our faith can move mountains. The Search Class has been ongoing 52 years and is always “searching” for what it means to be spiritual in a diverse world. Our favorite quote is “we are spiritual, not religious.” All are welcome to join us.  Class Coordinator:  Amy Otstott