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Faith Weaver—This class is designed for parents of children enrolled in the Deep Blue Sunday School classes.  Each Sunday we will explore similar topics to parallel the children’s lessons.  We would love to have you join us and become equipped to spiritually weave key points of faith into your family’s week as well as through a lifetime of parenting.

Leaders—Amanda Klinger, Ron Hoffler

Room 112

Joy in Christ—Our first study will focus on the man Jesus called the “Rock” – Simon Peter.  The study will consider Peter from several perspectives – as a fisherman, as a man who stepped out of a boat onto a stormy sea to walk to Jesus, as a “stumbling block” to Jesus, as well as the “bedrock” on which Jesus built his church.  The class will also study Peter’s painful experience of denying Jesus three times on the night of Jesus’ arrest.  Jesus’ forgiveness and reinstatement of Peter as a faithful disciple and witness for Christ will conclude the study.  The lessons will be based on Adam Hamilton’s book, Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple.  A DVD filmed in Israel and Italy will show key sites in the life of Peter. There is a segment that will correspond with each lesson.  This study will begin in September and continue through the month of November.  Beginning in December the class will begin a study of the Old Testament book, Isaiah. 

Leaders: Linda Hoffman, Dale Miller, Mike Stephens, Dyan Yingst

Rooms 123-124

The Wired Word—Confronting the News with Scripture and Hope— Do you struggle to understand your role as a Christian in the world today?  Join us on Sunday morning as we: Take a new topic each week from the headlines.  Confront the news with The Word to help us apply Scripture passages to our daily lives. We use thought-provoking questions to weave current events with modern Christian living.  Recent topics include: More Mass Shootings—What can we do?, Why Are Americans Angrier Than a Generation Ago, Pope OKs Wording Change in the Lord's Prayer, FaceApp Reveals Future Older You.

Leaders: John Coulson, Rich Krampe

Rooms 121-122

Search Class—We will finish reading The Spirit of Faith by Mark Hankins.  Our faith can move mountains.  The Search Class has been ongoing 51 years and is always “searching” for what it means to be spiritual in a diverse world.  All are welcome to join us.

Class Coordinator: Amy Otstott

Room 200 (Day Care Lounge)

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