Sunday School Adults

Sunday School 2016-17 (2)


Faith Weaver    Room # 112

This class is designed for parents of children enrolled in Preschool and Elementary Sunday School.  Each Sunday we will explore the same topics as your children.  We will also share Family Devotionals that can be used at home.  Join us and become equipped to weave the Sunday School lesson at home throughout the week. Leaders—Bob Daniels, Amanda Klinger, Ed & Rebecca Slavinsky

Joy in Christ  Room # 123-124

Disciple: Becoming Disciples through Bible Study is an approach to Bible study that emphasizes disciplined reading of and listening to scripture.  The class will begin part 2 of their study – The New Testament – as we read through the 27 books of the New Testament.  Lesson # 18 in the study book begins on September 11th.  Anyone can join this class by calling the church office to purchase a book. Leaders—Linda Hoffman, Dale Miller, Mike Stephens, Dyan Yingst

Search Class   Room # 125

We will read and discuss Thomas Moore’s Book A Religion of One’s Own.  The publisher writes:  “In A Religion of One's Own, best-selling author and former monk Thomas Moore explores the myriad possibilities of creating a personal spiritual style, either inside or outside formal religion.  Moore expands on the topics he first explored shortly after leaving the monastery.  He recounts the benefits of contemplative living that he learned during his 12 years as a monk but also the more original and imaginative spirituality that he later developed and embraced in his secular life.  Here he shares stories of others who are creating their own path.  Moore weaves their experiences with the wisdom of philosophers, writers, and artists who have rejected materialism and infused their secular lives with transcendence.  A Religion of Ones Own points the way to creating an amplified inner life and world of greater purpose, meaning and reflection." Class Coordinator—Andrea Spangler

The Wired Word – Confronting the News with Scripture and Hope     Room # 121-122

Do you struggle to understand your role as a Christian in the world today?  Join us on Sunday morning as we:  Grab a new topic each week from the headlines.  Confront the news with The Word to help us apply Scripture passages to our daily lives.  Use thought-provoking questions to weave current events with modern Christian living.  Recent topics include:  Driverless Cars Demand Ethical Thinking by Humans; 50 Die in Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History; Mississippi Religious Freedom Bill Becomes Law, Max Lucado Calls for Decency in Presidential Race. Leaders—John Coulson, Rich Krampe   


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